BCC Track Racing and Training

Bathurst Cycling Club's Track Racing happens on Friday Nights during Summer at the Bathurst Bicycle Park Velodrome.

Park access for Racing is via Vale Rd.

For training access please check the calendar or training schedule for access details.

REMINDER : The Bathurst Bike Park is a shared facility, we share the complete site with BMX and Mountain Bikes, while we share the Club house with Mountain Bikes only. We have agreed with MTB to have limited acces for MTB on their race days, around the tar areas of the Club House to reduce cat heads being dropped on the Tar areas and possible transfered to the Track. Please be respectfull of our MTB neighbours and the supporters and officials while you are training  at the Bathurst Bike Park. Map show where the MTB racers may be susing and the common areas for parking. MTB Riders may choose to park in the MTB Rider area if they are not using it to ride in, please ask any MTB Officail on site if you intend to park in the "MTB Race / Ride " area first.


JUNIORS U13 and below - $3.00

SENIORS (includes U15 and above) - $5.00

FAMILY - $10.00


Licence Requirements

A Cycling Australia licence is required to use the Bathurst Bicycle Park Velodrome. In addition, you must hold a Cycling Australia competition licence in order to participate in any Track Racing event. Please contact the BCC Secretary for more information.


Junior Racing - Sign on by 4.15pm

New riders through to "Junior B Grade" - Sign on 4.15 for 4.30 to 5.30 session

"Junior A Grade" Riders and U15 Riders ride as part of the 6.30pm session (see below)


Senior Racing - Sign on by 6.00pm

Racing Starts   7.00pm

Includes “Junior A Grade”, U15 and above. 


Code of Conduct

  • Please follow any instructions from club officials.
  • Only a fixed gear track bike must be used on the velodrome except when specifically noted. Eg. Come and Try days or Novelty events.
  • Slow riders above top blue line during warm ups.
  • Be aware of other riders on the track at all times especially new riders to track as they may not have your skills or knowledge.
  • No bad behaviour or language will be tolerated


Weekly Track Program

The track committee will try to fit an array of different styles of race during the course of the season.


Training Sessions

General Seniors : 4 - 8pm

Specific Juniors:   4-6pm Junior coach in attendance runs session.
General Seniors : 5-9am / 6-8pm Possible Coach Attending

Specific Juniors:  4-6pm Junior coach in attendance runs session.
General Seniors: 5-9am / 6-8pm Possible Coach Attending

Specific Juniors: 4-6pm Junior coach in attendance runs session.
General Seniors: 5-9am / 6-8pm Possible Coach Attending

Juniors:  from 4:30pm
Seniors:  from 7:00pm - 10pm

State / National Training times:   5am-12midday


Training at the Bathurst Bike Park Velodrome is scheduled by the Club.

Participation in designated Club Training Times for BCC members and visitors from other clubs is free, ALL riders MUST have a current Cycling Australia Riding licence.
Specific Coach conducted sessions for Juniors and General Senior training, if no coach is attending Senior sessions, the riders need to cooperate with each other to implement their own training program. If anyone books a block directly after the scheduled training they are more than welcome to participate in the General Senior training .
Junior and Senior Non Club Members are welcome to attend designated Club Training times as a guest of the BCC with out a fee, but MUST hold a current Cycling Australian Riding licence.

Motor pacing. Use of a motor cycles must comply with CA and CNSW rules, at a minimum, the rider MUST hold a current Motor Cycle Licence for riding on the road, the motor cycle must be road registered, and must be in safe operating condition, its recommended the back tyre of the motor cycle should be covered to avoid the cyclists front wheel coming into direct contact with the rear tyre of the Motor cycle as. The motor cycle rider MUST wear and approved helmet at all times. Its the responsibility of the motor cycle rider to advise all riders using the track of the upcoming use of a motor cycle on the track and ensure riders are not placed in danger by the motor cycle or following rider.

Private booking will be accepted out side the allocated Club Training Times. This will need to be co ordinated by the Club and not the BBP. We can post these booking on the clubs calendar for the moment as a place where every one can have access to the current schedule.
Contact Mark Simons to request a private booking txt 0417425601 or email 

Prices for Private Booking

Daylight Hours $15 per hour
Non Daylight hours with lights $30 per hour

Key collection and return procedure: Collect facility keys from Dedicated To Fitness 21 Bradwardine Rd Bathurst, open Monday -Wednesday 5:30am -9 :00 pm   Thursday 5:30am - 8:30 pm, Friday 5:30 am - 8:00 pm , Saturday & Sunday 8:00 am - 5:00pm.  Keys can be collected and fees can be paid in advance, and returned promptly after use.

BCC Junior Coaching Sessions

During the junior training time there will be qualified club coaches running structured training sessions. There is to be no other training during this time. Please contact the BCC Junior Vice President for more information on these sessions or visit the Junior page.


Motor Pacing

There will be only one motorbike allowed on the track at a time during the general open training times. Motorbike riders must have a current RTA Motorbike license and a CA license. The BCC motorbike may be booked for training via the BCC Track Vice President or BCC Committee.


Start Gates

No start gates may be used during open training sessions.


General Information for Track Racing

Warm up: Slow riders are to ride above the blue line in the centre of the track and fast riders at the bottom half of the track.

Heart-starter race: This is usually the first race of the night. The heart-starter is a short scratch race. It is seen as an opportunity to have a bit more of a warm up. There are to be no attacks, but the pace can gradually be raised over the race distance. The rider that finds themselves on the front of the bunch with one lap to go must stay on the front and not “swing up” to make another rider come through.

Types of races: There are a range of races including scratch, handicap, wheelrace, derby, sprint (individual and team), keiren, elimination, motorpace, pursuit (Italian, team and individual), time trial, points, omnium and Madison. Please ask if you are unsure of how an event happens.

Passing riders: Remember to give enough room when passing a rider and not to cut down on them too soon. And to always keep a smooth riding style and not weave up and down the track.

Final 200m of a race: Once the leader reaches 200m to go in a track race, if they are at the bottom of the track they must stay in the “sprinter’s lane” (the area between the bottom line on the track and the blue line above this). Another rider cannot come into this area unless they have fully passed the other rider.

New Junior Riders: New junior riders are welcome at any time in the season and slot into the Tuesday session 4 - 4.45pm.  New riders should contact BCC Junior Vice President

Club bikes for hire: There are a number of BCC bikes for juniors to hire and a couple for senior riders to hire. Please contact the BCC Junior Vice President for more information.


September 01 2019
Road Committee planning catch-up
September 22 2019
Old Vale Circuit scratch races START TIME 9AM
September 29 2019
Western Division ITT Championships - Orange
October 06 2019
Vale Circuit handicap RACE START 9AM
October 20 2019
Rockley Cup Troply event

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