How to get started

Although Cycling requires a certain level of Fitness and Skill, the Bathurst Cycling Club (Bcc) through its affiliation with CA & CNSW, welcomes new members and conducts its activities with a social atmosphere to allow cyclists of all levels to participate. The Bcc regularly uses a Handicap format for its club events, and although a maximum limit is enforced, it allows for new comers to be competitive in club events.

Club events (as opposed to Interclub and Open events) are conducted in a social atmosphere and a divided into Road (Usually at Perthville) and Track (Sportsground) racing. Given Track Racing is a bit more specialised with a different bike (Fixed Wheel) and only conducted in summer, it is generally accepted that new starters try the Road event first.

Road Club events are run on a Saturday afternoon in Winter and Sunday Morning in Summer, and can be divided into Graded Scratch Events and Handicaps. For more information on the weekly events see the Club Calendar on the Web Site.

Obviously the Club recommends new cyclists to train over the event distance and in a bunch (eg the weekends 9.00am ride) before entering an event. However given the difficulty in making that first step all riders are encouraged to give it a go. The bike needs to be road worthy, and can not have aero type handlebars, but certainly need not be that expensive, a Shamino Sora level bike is more than adequate for Club Racing.

If you are a bit apprehensive about making that big jump into organised cycling events come out and check out the club events.

Yes you can fill out the forms an race straight away, and with the award winning club secretary (Elaine) to assist you the whole process is quite painless.

Current membership fees can be viewed on the Cycling NSW website. If you re unsure of what membership level to choose, please contact the Club Secretary - Elaine on (02) 63372450.

Existing members can also renew their licence online via the Cycling NSW website