Ryan's/Newbridge 2 Roads all-in handicap, 29km

April 14 2019


10 – 10:15am: Sign on
10.15 – 10.30am: Handicaps and grades finalised.
10.30am: Riders briefing with race start immediately after briefing.

Clubhouse - Perthville - Ryan's Rd u-turn - Perthville - Georges Plains - Newbridge turn u-turn - Georges Plains St Johns finish. 29km.

Bring your timing chip. It may be used. If you don't have one you can hire one on the day.

No follow cars allowed on the course unless given an official role from the commissaire. Spectator cars can drive to a safe place along the course to park and watch the race go past.
Riders are to keep left while racing and no wider than 2 abreast, unless overtaking another rider. All road rules must be obeyed.

Sign On Duty: Peter Wilson & Braedon Smith

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