ROUND 5 BCC Road Series - 3 Roads Scratch 36km, A-D grades.

April 28 2019

CHANGE OF SIGN ON & START DUE TO BMX OPEN AT BIKE PARK - now at PERTHVILLE opposite the school in Rockley Street. Please also note finish is at SUTHERLAND Drive.

10 – 10:15am: Sign on AT PERTHVILLE
10.15 – 10.30am: Handicaps and grades finalised.
10.30am: Riders briefing with race start immediately after briefing.

Perthville - Ryan's Rd u-turn - Perthville - Georges Plains - left to Quarry Hill u-turn - Newbridge turn u-turn - Georges Plains. Please note - SUTHERLAND DRIVE FINISH. 40km.

No follow cars allowed on the course unless given an official role from the commissaire. Spectator cars can drive to a safe place along the course to park and watch the race go past.
Riders are to keep left while racing and no wider than 2 abreast, unless overtaking another rider. All road rules must be obeyed.

Please enter via Webscorer here

Sign On Duty: Glen Carter and Darren Fenton

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