Hurt on the Dirt scratch races - trial run before the annual event

February 03 2019

Hurt on the Dirt pre-race before the annual event in April. 

Loop from Perthville - Georges Plains - Cow Flat - across Gestingthorpe Rd to Rockley Rd - Perthville. Finish is on Gestingthorpe Rd where the dirt ends on the Perthville side. 

Enter HERE

REGISTER ONLINE allows Officials to Handicap the race in advance or adjust Grades OR start order to suit particular events. NOTE : Generally on line Entries CLOSE the night before the race at 6pm. Last minute registration at the Clubhouse is available, 622 Vale Rd, Bathurst, from 8:00am TO 8:10am NOTE: If you register” Last Minute” ON THE DAY there is a good chance YOU WILL BE RIDING WITH SCRATCH OR LATER or not in your normal bunch. Help us get organised early and register on line please. Clicking “Attending” or “Interested” is not an entry. See the link in “Tickets”on the FACEBOOK EVENT

TIMING CHIPS are being used for some races, check the event to see if they are. If so, please fit them; No chip = No result. Please see Mark Simons or Glen Partridge to get a BCC subsided chip for $20 for 12 months. Loan Chips are available in limited number for a cost of $5 per race.

SIGN ON to confirm your participation on the day is compulsory. Sign on will close at 8:15am sharp. $5 ENTRY FEE payable on the day. All riders must attend rider briefing before rolling out to start at 8.30am. Roll out to Start Area after briefing. Re-group at designated Start Area for race start BEFORE 9.00am

By Signing on you agree to abide by ALL ROAD RULES, and Club rules for racing including Neutral Turns, no passing other groups on the left, and maximum 3 wide at any open road sprint finish, to name a few. (All finishes will be strictly 3 wide only, as per the ROAD Rules, 2 wide with 1 additional rider wide, timing loop will be only 3.5 m max from the edge of the road) This is to ensure we are able to continue to use the roads around Bathurst.
No Spectators vehicles are to follow the race, only authorised, correct signed and flashing rooftop lighted vehicles are permitted, riders of any associated vehicle following or interfering in a Club race with be penalised and possibly face fines. This is part of our Roads Approval Permission.

Note: there will be NO toilet facilities available at the start line, make use of the facilities at the clubhouse before roll out.

Sign On Duty: Cathy Adams and Kirsten Howard

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