Alloy's "Hurt on the Dirt" 8am sign on

April 02 2018

Scratch Races, A-D Grades
Course : Cow Flat loop

Sign on at the Clubhouse, 622 Vale Rd, Bathurst, from 8:00am, $5.
Roll out to Start Area from 8:30am when sign on closes
Re-group at Perthville Hall for race start from 9:00am

Finish at the end of the dirt section on Gestingthorpe Rd, Perthville.

Note: there will be NO toilet facilities available at the start line. Please make use of the facilities at the clubhouse before roll out.

A Grade 4.75 laps 62km, B Grade 3.75 laps 49km, C Grade 2.75 laps 36km, D Grade 1.75 laps 23km.

Sign On Duty: Harry Carter and Brad Raynor

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