NSW Women's Masters Premiership

March 24 2018

2018 NSW Women's Masters Road Premiership

Venue: Bathurst Cycling Club House - 622 Vale Road, Bathurst NSW 2795
Entrance is 622 Vale Road Bathurst which does cross a railway crossing. Entrance is the adress of Omya Minerals (same entrance road)

Closing Date: Online Entries Close Wednesday 21st March 2018

Sign-On Information & Times:
Event 1: 7:30am - Saturday 24th March 2018 - Kermese
Event 2: 12:00pm - Saturday 24th March 2018 - Individual Time Trial
Event 3: 7:30am - Sunday 25th March 2018 - Road Race
All sign-on & racing will start at the Bathurst CC Clubhouse - 622 Vale Road Bathurst. Clubhouse has showers & seating.

Race Start Time & Schedule:
Event 1: Saturday 24th March 2018 - Kermese
Race Briefing: 8:30am
Start Times:
A Grade 9:30am (updated 13/03/2018)
B Grade 9:35am (updated 13/03/2018)
C Grade 9:00am (updated 13/03/2018)
D Grade 9:05am (updated 13/03/2018)

Event 2: Saturday 24th March 2018 - Individual Time Trial
12:40pm Rider Briefing
12:45pm Roll out from Clubhouse in grades
A Grade 1:00pm start followed by all other grades in 1 minute intervals

Event 3: Sunday 19th March 2017 - Road Race
Race Briefing 8:00am
Roll Out 8:10am
A Grade 8:30am - Distance 65km
B Grade 8:40am - Distance 53km
C Grade 8:45am - Distance 42km
D Grade 8:35am - Distance 35km

Entry Fee:
$22 per event or $52 for 3 Events.
1 Day & 3 Race Permits are available for anyone who has not held a racing membership with Cycling Australia previously.

Event 1: Kermese
1 Lap is 11km of Old Vale Circuit
A & B Grade - 17km (1.5 laps)
C & D Grade - 11km  (1 lap)
Start Bathurst Cycling Club House
Finish Gorman's Hill Road, Gormans Hill NSW 2795

Event 2: Individual Time Trial
All grades 16km (out & back) Perthville - Newbridge turn - and back.
Riders will roll out in Grades from the clubhouse to Perthville start line outside "The Bridge Hotel" Vale Road Perthville approx 4km away at 12:45pm.

Event 3: Road Race

A Grade 65km
B Grade 53km
C Grade 42km
D 35km Grade
Start line Perthville Community Hall, Rockley Street Perthville
Road Race will finish at same location as in 2017, St Johns Road, Georges Plains. 10km ride back to the clubhouse post race.

Additional Information:
Warm-up will be available on the velodrome located at the clubhouse
All events will depart from the Clubhouse
Bathurst Cycling Club House is approx. 6km to the startline of the Time Trial & Road Race.
No toilets at the startline for the ITT & Road Race.
Riders leave vehicle at the Clubhouse and enjoy a cool down ride back to the finish.
Race Director: Marian Renshaw email marian.j.renshaw@gmail
Cycling NSW: John Davis (02) 9738 5850 or email



Sign On Duty: Marian Renshaw, Rosemary Hastings and Laura Renshaw

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