January 07 2018


Meet at the Club House BEFORE 8:00am .Roll away at 8:00am.

This is an organised Training ride and not a race.

Faster Group/s leave first slower groups follow. Groups may be split if numbers a to high.

Depending on participants, there can be multiple groups. You choose the group you ride with depending on your ability. There is no out side support, and normal riding conditions on the open road apply.

Route: Faster groups : 3 roads, Clubhouse-Pertville-Ryans lane- Quarry-Newbridge Turn- and regroup at the end of St Johns Road. Return to Club house if needed or head straight to Coffee

Slower Groups: 2 roads, Clubhouse-Pertville-Ryans lane-Newbridge Turn-regroup end of St Johns rd. Return to Club house if needed or head straight to Coffee.

Note: All Training Rides need to obey the Road Rules. Just a few to keep in mind: Keep Left. Only ride 2 abreast in a group. Don’t cross the centre line. Wear visible clothing, use a taillight. Give way to traffic at GiveWay signs.

Club Training Rides are NOT races, and are conducted for the benefit of club members and their fitness.

All current Cycling Australia Members and Licence holders are welcome to participate, and are covered by the standard conditions of your CA licence for organised Training Rides. NON CA Licence holder need to be aware that if they are proven to be negligent following any accident, causing injury or death to a Cycling Australia Licence holder, that they canbe  held to account legally and financially for all losses and may be pursued by CA and their Insurers. This is your responsibility.

You may be asked to verify you have a current CA Licence.

Rides safely and enjoy the coffee.

Sign On Duty: Not Required

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