The Bathurst Bike Park Project started after a Bcc meeting with former Council Director Paul Heath. The actual meeting itself went poorly for the club but on the walk back the the council chambers, Director Bob Roach and Peter Navin suggested that we get a bit serious about finding a home for cycling in the city.


Bathurst has been waiting to make the big step to get proper cycling facilities for over 100years. But honestly it has taken till 2012 to get a group of serious Bicycle Advocates and Managers to take-on the project with the conviction discussed last night.
For the project to reach the grand scales which we all know its capable of in Bathurst we need the whole club to be a part of the project, hence the recognition of the different groups within the club this year at the AGM; (ie Juniors, Track, Road and maybe more to come).
We have a big management base in the club at the moment, but Toireasa and I believe every individual in the executive and committee (& general member base) have their specific role to play.
I feel last night proved it; Of course the heads of different groups, (the vice presidents) at first glance seem to have to make a major commitment, but as the discussion continued it become clear they need only facilitate the inputs from others in their activity of the club. But on top of that - last night seen important input from Committee members that have been acknowledged in the past as having a specific task in the club.

For example:- past meeting have acknowledged that Paul Turley has a position of reviewing Infrastructure specifically at the track, so it was great to see he naturally slipped into that role in the discussion; Also Steve Howell has been minuted as having a focus on club Sponsorship and again it was clear he was keen to chase that line, as too Phil Cole, who I have talked too since the meeting can give great advise on the Sponsorship side of things and have more great feedback have the meeting.

So in regard to the Bike Park - The next step after last night’s meeting  is establish of a “Management Board”  for the Bike Park. Then secondly to draft up an Initial Business Plan to submit to the Council in April.
It would seem the obvious suggestion is just too simply have the head of each group which has a facility at the Park – Track, Road, BMX, MTB X-Country, MTB Downhill, General BUGs, Aus-cycle….
However do the facilities reflect the biggest users – eg the BCC Junior group a likely major contributor/user of the park and obviously important that they are involved in the management.
Also should we consider the revenue streams for the Park on the Board. A Canteen was mentioned last night, should there be an independent person representing the canteen across all the cycling activities. Yet talks after the meet suggest that maybe the canteen is not the cash cow for the BCC events that other sports might envisage and therefore the sponsorship line may become a very important consideration. If this is the case should we have a person on the board focusing on Sponsorship issues. Remembering these revenue issue can and will extend across a number of the venues activities/users.

So we are in a question and answer phase for a week or so, where everyone can think about the issues individually so together we aim to cover a wider range of issues when we meet next time.
From the meeting the other night I believe our interest can be split into a few topics, some with a positive - moving forward outlook; and others with a more cautious - enquiring outlook; Both are important and everyone’s feedback is important.

Those Topics to consider include:-
Suggestions on ways Users could raise funds for the Bike Park.
Suggestions on who are all the interested users in the Bike Park and establishing their local contract and the extent that they would be involved in park Management.
Suggestions and identification on likely problem areas in taking ownership of the park, hidden costs, design shortfalls, bottlenecks, future costs and failures     

Suggested Structure of an “Initial’ Bike Park Board of Management to assist in project design, reviewing project progress, to make commitments on behalf of the Bathurst cycling community.

Everyone Consider the Issues –Questions or suggestions can be emailed to the Club, We plan to compile a list of issues as these Questions may not be considered till the next meeting.

Elaine will book a Time & Venue for the next Bike Park meeting – 1 or 2 weeks time. If we are expecting someone from council we will need to consider their diary. NOTE: Meeting has been booked for the Perthville Hall 20/02/2012 at 7pm
Meeting Invitations to other users and Authorities that can provide information.
Write up agenda and have meeting with the view of establishing an initial Bike Park board at the next Club Review Meeting.