Special General Meeting Announcement for 3rd November 2019

By Junior Cycling - October 09 2019

Notice is given to all members of the convening of the Bathurst Cycling Club Inc Special General Meeting (SGM) on 3rd November 2019, Bathurst Velodrome Clubhouse, 624 Vale Road at 12.00pm.

SGM Business Agenda

- Chair to announce quorum met and that the meeting is duly constituted

- Confirm minutes of last GM and confirm correct

- Details of resolution: That the resolution is intended to be passed as a special resolution. The motion is: That Bathurst Cycling Club Inc adopt the NSW Fair Trading Model Constitution under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (without modification).

- Vote takes place and chair to announce result

- Meeting closed

All Current financial BCC Members over the age of 18 are invited to attend and vote. No proxy votes or postal votes will be accepted.

NSW Fair Trading Model Constitution link below