Senior Track: Last Weeks & Championships

By BCC Track - February 13 2017

Well the last few weeks of club track racing are going to be jam packed. Mad March I have nicknamed it. Please keep an eye out for amendments or changes.

This is due to some big events being held locally and around the country for our riders.

It always makes life a little interesting when working out where to place the Club track Championships amongst the busy NSW and National track schedule.

These combined with a fast approaching B2B festival will mean a hectic last few weeks.

We will endeavour to get all the club Champs in before we finish for the year, with our fingers crossed for good weather.

Thanks for your patience!

Dates to remember

3rd March 500TT Champs and Horrold Buttsworth Trophy

17 March Flying 200 and Sprint Champs

24 March Pursuit and Scratch Race Champs

31 March B2B Family Fun Challenge, Pits Complex