Road Series Rules 2019

By Road Sub-Committee - March 09 2019

Bathurst Cycling Club is looking forward to the upcoming Winter Road Season with racing to continue on a Sunday for a 3 month trial period. Winter road racing will come into effect on 7th April (when Daylight saving finishes). Sign on will be from 10am – 10.15am, with riders briefing at 10.30am and racing to start straight after the briefing.

During the road season the BBC will again be hosting the 8 round Road Series Pointscore to determine the best all-round club rider for each grade, A-D.  There will be 6 scratch races and 2 time trials and all races will take place on a different course.

1 - 10/3/2019    2 Roads (Ryan’s) Scratch
2 - 24/3/2019    3 Roads Scratch
3 - 07/3/2019    Hurt on the Dirt (Gestingthrope loop)
4 - 21/4/2019    X Roads Scratch (St John’s finish)
5 - 28/4/2019    3 Roads (Sutherland Dr finish)
6 - 12/5/2019    ITT Long Course (Ryan’s-Newbridge-Haystack)
7 - 26/5/2019    ITT Short Course (Perthville-Newbridge-Haystack)
8 - 09/6/2019    Vale Road Scratch (BCC Club Road Championship)

If you would like to discuss your grade before the start of the series please speak to a Road Co-ordinator Glen Partridge or Vice President Marian Renshaw. 

Riders from other clubs are always welcome to race and gain prizemoney, but they will not be awarded points in the series. The points will go to the first 12 BCC riders across the line.

The Rules
• Points will be awarded as follows:
1st 25, 2nd 22, 3rd 20, 4th 18, 5th 16, 6th 14, 7th 12, 8th 10, 9th 8, 10th 6, 11th 4, 12th 2.
1 point will also be given to each rider that pre-enters on Webscorer and 1 point for starting the race. (You can still enter on the day even if you haven’t pre-entered on Webscorer)

• If you are rostered on for sign duty you will receive 18 points (equal to 4th place). However, if you swap your duty day, or only place signs out/pick up signs and not run the race but participate in the race, you will only get the points you place for. Eg, if you put the signs out and race and place 6th, you will get 14 points, not 18.

• In the event of 2+ riders being on the same points for an overall place
in the series, the place will go to the person with the fastest ITT long course time trial.
If one of the riders has not raced the long ITT then the rider who has raced this event shall be deemed the winner of that place.

• Movement between grades: There shall be no grade changes for the final 3 races of the series.

Moving up a grade:
A Grade - the rider will take half their accumulated points with them to A Grade from the lower grade.
B-D Grade - the rider will be awarded the points of the current 5th place on the points ladder for the new grade

Moving down a grade:
Where riders drop grades they will carry any points they have accumulated to that point in the series.

• The overall champion from each grade will be awarded a winner’s shirt and a BCC road jersey.