Racing at the Velodrome Sat 23rd Sept

By Road Sub-Committee - September 20 2017

As there is no scheduled road racing for this Saturday we are encouraging riders to bring there bikes (road, track or both) out to the Bathurst Velodrome.

We a hoping to get enough riders to run plenty of different races over the afternoon. Sign on for licensed riders from 12:00pm at the club house first race to start at 1pm.

Come early for sign on so we can sort the grades and the types of races we can do with the people we have.

There will be a briefing on track ettiquette before we start.

We will be running separated races for track and road bikes. Handicaps, I lap dashes, Slow races and some longer graded scratch races for the enduros.

Go in one race, go in all of them. Call it track, call it track crits, call it fun!!

See you there.