Quarry - Newbridge 2 Roads all-in handicap 29km

By Road Sub-Committee - March 04 2019

Race 3/319. 2rds Quarry.

This weekend was a new course distance with the race starting from the velodrome entance off Vale Road in handicap format.

Limit riders Rosemary, Marian, Norm & Scott rode hard but were caught by the hard charging group of Kalinda, Wayne, Cadel, Peter, Mark & Staity along Cowflat Rd. With the next bunch of Toireasa, Mick, Nev & Glen splintering up on the Quarry Hill it wasn't long before Team Deisel, Steve B, Tony, Rocket & Jack, ran them down & formed a bigger group to set off after the front bunch With the block group of Steve S, Ben, Nath & Dave riding as hard as they could to get to within striking range it was to no avail as the Big Team Deisel was driving the charge from the Newbridge turn towards St John's Rd finish. Up over the St John's hill one of the deisel engines forgot that he was linked to a roadranger gear box & missed a gear, but his effort's of driving the bunch home were rewarded with one of his fellow engines getting up for a podium finish ( 2nd ). The front bunch were caught along St John's Rd with only 1km to go then it became a race for the sprinters. Off they went with Cadel going first but his legs ran out of speed with 200m to go which left Kalinda,Tony, Toireasa & Staity to fight it out for the podium (in that order across the line). Wayne, Glen, Peter, Rocket, Jack & Cadel all to finished close by to round out the top 10.The hard charging block group finished very close behind only seconds ahead of our only scratch ride finisher of Caig Hutton, who got the quickest time & set a new race distance record.