Duty Roster

By Road Sub-Committee - October 30 2012

Duty Roster Detail

Duty Officer's should print off, read and bring to the event the below files.

The completion of all forms is essential to meeting race permissions.

Bunch group information will be provided by Glen Partridge on the day.


Duty Officer Helpful Information

Duty Officer Checklist

Covid Manual Sign on

Rider Briefing Form

Results sheet

Webscorer Confirmation List

Go into Webscorer after registration is closed. Open Confirmation List, Select Print this page (Top right hand corner in green). This is your contact-less rider check list.

Duty Officer Roster

If you are unable to do your rostered day then the responsibility is on you to find a replacement.

If your turn comes up to do the sign duty and you are unsure of what to do please ask a committee member for help. By giving up one or two weekends of racing a year you are helping to spread the work load to run a bike race and are not burdening the same people week after week. 






7th Race cancelled due to rain 

14th  David Hyland & Darren Fenton

21st    No racing. Track open weekend

28th  Rosemary Hastings, Robyn Partridge, Angela Falzarano, Cathy Adams, Glen Partridge and Marian Renshaw


5th No racing, V8 weekend-BCC Canteen

12th Nick Barrett & Glen Partridge

19th  Gary Theiss & Tony Barlow  



9th Scott James, Tim Roebuck & Phil Stapleton 

16th Peter Hickey, Steve Bennett & Gary Hamer

23rd Scott Allan, Tuckwell family f& Mark Windsor

30th Damien Bennett, Marian & Mick Renshaw


6th  Rob Stephen, Rod Esdaile and Rosemary 

13th  Peter Wilson, Stu and Jo Renshaw

20th  Committee to run criterium at Mt Pan

27th  David Reece, Kevin Bell and Ray Thorn


6th  Steve Scott, Toireasa Gallagher and Angela Falzarano 

13th  Mick & Tracey Robinson and Rosemary Hastings & Robyn Partridge 

20th  Darren Fenton, David Hyland and Marian Renshaw

27th  Robyn Partridge, Will Hodges and Cathy Adams.


3rd  Lovett family and Nev Krahe

9th  Tony Barlow and Jill Harris (Saturday racing commences)

15th  Nick Barrett, Rosemary Hastings & Tracey Robinson  (Good Friday)

16th  Scott James, Robyn Partridge & Rosemary Hastings 

23rd  Mick Foran, Jack Cannon and Peter Hickey

25th  Bruce & Craig Hutton and Tony Shaw

30th No racing, Mudgee Classic weekend


7th  David Hyland, Glen & Robyn Partridge, Cathy Adams, Rosemary Hastings, Angela Falzarano, Darren Fenton, + extra volunteers 

14th  No racing 12 hour weekend canteen 

21st  Mark Windsor, Sam Welsh and Phil Stapleton 

28th  Gary Hamer, Rod Esdaile and Dim Bennett


4th  Peter Wilson, Tracey Robinson & Toireasa Gallagher

11th  Toireasa & David Reece

13th  Mick Robinson, Will Hodges & Ella Falzarano

18th  Glen & Robyn Partridge 

25th  Marian Renshaw, Rosemary Hastings & Dan Googe


2nd  Race cancelled due to rain 

9th  Rob Stephen, Jill Harris & Brian Draper

16th  Nick Barrett, Jack Cannon & Nev Krahe

23rd  Scott James, Peter Hickey & Mick Foran

30th  Bruce and Craig Hutton & Scott Allen


6th Tony Shaw, Kevin Bell & Glen Partridge 

13th  David Hyland, Ray Thorn & Robert Jeffries

20th  Damien Bennett, Darren Fenton & Dave Claypole 

27th  Mark Windsor, Gary Hamer & Rod Esdaile


3rd  Peter Wilson and Lovett family

10th  Marian Renshaw, Rosemary Hastings & Mick Robinson,

17th  Glen and Robyn Partridge & Tony Barlow

24th  Toireasa Gallagher, David Reece & Dan Googe.