Duty Roster

By Road Sub-Committee - October 30 2012

Duty Roster Responsibilities


The main duties are to put the signs out and to collect them, check the road for safety and run the race with guidance from committee members. You will also need to print out a copy of the header and the sign on sheets, and have them at the sign on table at least 30 minutes before the race start.

Signs must be placed/turned down every 5km. The u-turn signs are to be placed 200m before the turn. One portable "Caution Cyclists" sign is to be placed at the end of St John's Rd.  Each turnaround point is a neutral zone. There are green signs which must be placed approximately 200m before and after the neutral zone - if there is no nearby reflector post these signs should be fixed to a bollard (which is kept in the carport with the signs).  All other portable signs are fixed to the reflector posts.

Click here for the Sign On / Handicap sheet

Click here for the Event Sanction info sheet (must be displayed at sign on)

Click here for the Duty officer responsibilities guide info sheet

Click here for the Event Results sheet



Safety Sign off. Once the signs have been placed on the race course, sign duty officers must sign off on the race sign on sheet that the signs are done and the course is safe for racing on. 

Please take note of anything on the route that could make it unsafe for riders (potholes, gravel, debris, changed traffic conditions). If it is unsafe the race may need to be shortened or cancelled.

A special case of unsafe conditions is poor visibility. This includes heavy rain or fog. We do not have permission from police to race if there is poor visibility. It is important to abide by this, and the race should be cancelled. Cancelling one event is better than someone getting hit by a car or losing our licence to race completely, either of which could happen if we race when visibility is poor.

The sign on sheets, results and duty officer checklist should be given to a club official; Jill Harris, Rob Stephen or David Lowe. If these committee members are not present, they should be given to the commissaire.

Collecting the signs after the race also serves as a sweep of the race route to make sure all riders have finished the race.

When a trophy race or championship race is on there will be club officials to run the race. If you are on sign duty you will only be expected to place the signs out and collect them afterwards. However if you want to help then you are more than welcome to run the race.

If you are unable to do your rostered day then the responsibility is on you to find a replacement.

If your turn comes up to do the sign duty and you are unsure of what to do please ask a committee member for help. By giving up one or two weekends of racing a year you are helping to spread the work load to run a bike race and are not burdening the same people week after week. 



17th  Jetta and Dave McKellar



7th  Marian Renshaw & Rosemary Hastings ---No race, training ride only. Duty officers will be re-scheduled.

14th  Craig & Billy Hutton---No race, training ride only. Duty officers will be re-scheduled.

21st  Brooke Tuynman & Brad Raynor

26th  Jill Harris & Rob Stephen

28th  Ryan O'Donnell & Haydon Booth


4th  Donna & Steve Scott

11th  Josh Corcoran & Will Hodges

18th  Harry Bryant & Steve Bennett

25th  Damien & Eliza Bennett