BCC – Men’s Graded Scratch Race 19 November 2017

By Road Sub-Committee - November 22 2017

BCC – Men’s Graded Scratch Race 19 November 2017

The graded men’s scratch race was held at the same time as the 10th Annual Toireasa Gallagher Women’s Cup Race.

Only 2 riders were entered from A Grade and so decided to ride with B Grade as non-competitors. There were 6 riders from B Grade who raced hard for glory. The action started on Cow Flat road when Steve Scott attacked into the quarry turn-around and was soon joined by Charlie Cross. Just before the turn they were joined by Brian Draper and Brad Rayner. The 4 riders then worked hard to stay out in front. At the return to Georges Plain Charlie popped off the back at the hay shed. That left 3 riders Brad Rayner, Brian Draper and Steve Scott to ride on in the lead. At St. John’s road Brad rode away and the others behind split. B Grade was won convincingly by Brian Draper in a time of 40:30 over Steve Scott in 41:00 and Charlie Cross in 42:00.

C Grade was contested by only 3 riders who possibly thought they were on a coffee ride as they were passed by D grade 4km from the start at Georges Plain, having started 1 min ahead of D Grade. At the finish Nathan Pearce took the win in a time of 49:09 over Rob Stevens and Scott Allen.

D Grade was also contested by only 3 riders. John Kitchen took the lead at Georges Plain when he sited the C Grade riders and soon past them followed by the other D Grade rides. John turned first at the quarry and was never caught to the finish. John won convincingly and finished in a good time of 51:30. David Hyland was second and third Norman Wise was a long way back.

The results of Sunday’s race are attached.


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