BCC 500m Time Trial Championships

By Road Sub-Committee - January 20 2019

Bathurst Cycle Club held their first Track Championship event for the 2019 season. The event was well supported in all grades.         
The balmy conditions with a slight breeze gave way to some excellent times being recorded for the  500 meter Time Trial.         
A Grade was supported by the better sprinters in the division with Josh Corcoran recording fastest time 36.84seconds over the 500metres.         
Three up Derbys always bring out the best spectating with some great battles between all riders.         
To finish the night of racing it was a all in moto Scratch race over 40 Laps with speed increasing throughout. The race ended with 3 A Grade          
riders at the finish. Harry Bryant (Syd Uni Velo) out sprinting locals Josh Corcoran and Danniel Googe.         

A Grade         
Josh Corcoran 36.84 1st       
Danniel Googe 37 2nd       
Eliza Bennett 37.91 3rd       
Luke Tuckwell 38.62        

B Grade         
Kalinda Robinson 37.01 1st       
Tyler Puzchia 37.17 2nd       
Glen Carter 38.94 3rd       
Rodney Lovett 39.31        
Damien Bennett 40.54        
Wayne Powell 43.11        
Grahame Stait 44.13        
Mark Craig 44.81        

C Grade         
Micah Dibble 38.43        
Toireasa Gallagher 43.94 1st       
Marian Renshaw 45.16 2nd       

D Grade         
Xavier Bland 42.09        
Caitlin Lovett 43.1 1st       
Cadel Lovett 43.74 2nd       
Rosemary Hastings 47.99 3rd       
Tracey Robinson 51.43        

Ebony Robinson 42.24        
Charlotte Lovett 52.15        
Jenna Gallagher 56.1