BCC 2017 Easter Road Races - 3 Roads Combined Hcp & Hurt on Dirt Graded Scratch

By Road Sub-Committee - April 19 2017

Another weekend of hard racing in the Easter Friday 3 Roads combined handicap saw 1st Harry Bryant (A Grade) in a time of 54:03, 2nd Daniel Went (B Grade) & 3rd Stuart Renshaw (A Grade). First C Grade rider home was Malcom Haigh in 8th place. First D Grade rider in was Wayne Powell in 22nd place. A total of 35 riders started.

Easter Monday's "Hurt on the Dirt" graded scratch race was run over the challenging Gestingthorpe - Vale - Mt Rockley Roads loop that included 3km of dirt road. A total of 30 riders started the tough course. Daniel Went's 2nd place on Friday's race saw him promoted to A Grade for the race. The A Grade race completed 4.75 laps (62km), B Grade 3.75 laps (49km), C Grade 2.75 laps (36km) and D Grade 1.75 laps (23km). A Grade was narrowly won by Craig Hutton in a time of 1:33:30, 2nd was Josh Corcoran & 3rd was Will Hodges. Graeme Peadon was a convincing winner in B Grade in a time of 1:24:00, 2nd Drew Carter & 3rd Jim Lavis. Nathan Pearce won C Grade in a time of 1:04:59, 2nd Greg Wills and 3rd Mark Simons. Wayne Powell was a runaway winner in D Grade with a time of 47:21, 2nd was Gemma Carter and 3rd was Tyler Puzich. Despite the tough dirt road conditions only 3 DNFs were recorded. The tough guy award however goes to Dave McKellar in B Grade who got 2 punctures, ran out of repairs and walked over 0.5km back to the end determined to finish and get a time.

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