Australia Day Crits

By Road Sub-Committee - January 11 2018

We are not have a good run with racing at the monment.

Sulman Park is Closed for use leading up to the 12 Hour Car race and we have not been granted access to Suman Park for the Australia Day Crit.

The Area is booked out for camping and while we have spoken to Council and asked for access, we have been advised that there will be campers there and or workers finalising the site. ( yes on a public holiday !) 

I also asked re Harris Park as an option and the situation is the same with infrastructure being built.

With the date of the 12 hour looking like being set acrross the Australia Day date fior the future, it looks like our tradition of Australia Day Crits at Sulman may be over....

In addition to that I have also spen hours discussing with the Mt Panorama Users Committee and Member about access whilel we are waitning our Road Approval and have been told that access is required through Sulman from aroiund 10 am for shooting event, which limits the time availabel to run 4 Grade crits...

Very frustrating for us .

Stay tuned. Rest assured I'm working on chasing the required documents for the  Road Apporval for 2018 to allow us to get back to racing. 

Thansk for your understanding.

Mark Simons

President BCC