2018 BCC Club Championship Round 6

By Road Sub-Committee - September 11 2018

2018 BCC Club Championship Round 6

Round 6 of the championship was held on the Old Vale Circuit on the 1 September 2018 with 27 riders starting. A Grade raced over 52km, B Grade 40km, C Grade 29km and D Grade 17km.

A Grade was won by Josh Corcoran from Brad Rayner and Chris Couper from Dubbo.
B Grade was won by Daniel Googe from Hayden Booth and Charlie Cross.
C Grade was won by Toireasa Gallagher from Damien Bennet and Chris Davis.
D Grade was won by Rosemary Hastings from Norman Wise and Marian Renshaw.

The results for Round 6 are given on the link below.

The points score after 6 rounds are also given on the link below.

Grade A is led by Brad Rayner on 160 points from Mark Windsor on 133 and Richard Hobson on 100.
Grade B is led by Dave Reece on 104 points from Tony Shaw on 92 closely followed by Hayden Booth on 91.
Grade C is very closely fought led by Rob Stephen on 121 from Neville Krahe on 120 points and Graham Stait on 101.
Grade D is led by Rosemary Hastings on 137 points from Norman Wise on 73 and Alex MacQuarrie on 65.

There are still 2 rounds to go.

Round 7 - 15/9/18  15km Screamer race.
Round 8 - 4/11/18  44km Cross Roads race.

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